Security Video Analytics

Whether you have one location or multiple locations, TWG Security prevention solutions enable you to actively detect, monitor, and respond to suspicious activity

Video Analytics can help your business in numerous ways. From analyzing customer patterns to proactively preventing crime, let analytics do the heavy lifting. Do it all from the comfort and ease of any mobile device. Contact us for more information on how analytics can work for you, including the following benefits:

Simply put: there’s no better way to understand your business. We condense customer interaction and movement into simple, privacy-protected images that provide instant understanding of any event or time period. Want to know where customers spend their time, or which products they pick up the most? No problem. Our visualizations provide answers to your questions in a format that can be understood by any employee. Cloud-powered and data rich. TWG Security Analytics are brimming with features. Dwell, footpaths, and any-camera counting—all the data you need to build a better experience for your customers. Pair that with on-demand reports and big data that’s unique to your operation, and you get the most comprehensive understanding of your business, at an unprecedented scale.

Prevent the crime. On-site police and security officers can’t be everywhere at once, and they can’t be watching all cameras at the same time. With live event detection and verification, guards can respond quickly to suspicious activity. Remote and self-monitoring video surveillance options increase the effectiveness of onsite security guards by providing live event verification and response options such as audio talk down from a smartphone or instant access to emergency responders. With TWG Security’s solution, you will prevent the crime, not just record it.

Create a virtual on-site presence. Unlike alarm-monitored systems, live event verification and audio talk-down stop intruders in their tracks. With anytime, anywhere monitoring responders can act swiftly to prevent bad things from happening. Always ON. Securing multi-site areas with guards is expensive. Intelligent Cameras watch 24/7/365, but do not fall asleep, look the wrong way, or even blink.

Easy to install and use. They work seamlessly with 3rd party analog, IP, and thermal cameras and included worldwide access via smartphone or tablet. With our solution, you can prevent the crime and not just record it.

Dramatically reduce on-site theft and vandalism and actually minimizes the probability of loss. When used with our professional monitoring service, our adaptive analytics and remote video monitoring capabilities give businesses real-time security all day and all night, making it difficult for intruders and criminals to target and vandalize property—especially after hours. Since TWG Security’s prevention solution includes analytics, edge storage and our VMS, real-time video monitoring can begin immediately. Investment friendly, multi-channel video analytic appliances are a perfect answer to budget conscious businesses and communities.

“App” just doesn’t describe it. With TWG Security Analytics, your smartphone or tablet is a real-time window into your business. Zoom, tap, and swipe your way around any aisle, shelf, display or store. Dive into long-term trends and real-world metrics with stunning visualizations and enterprise-wide reports. Conduct visual merchandising or dig into powerful analytics—from dwell to footpaths to product lift—from wherever you are and whenever you want.